Common Mounts

The most ubiquitous mount used in Midgard, commerce and travel would be crippled without them.

Flaugun Marr
These winged horses of legend are a sight to behold, but catching them is a pain. If you’re after a beautiful blond riding one of these, best not even to try.

This diminutive giant eagle is the perfect size for a human rider, bust best not to wear heavy armor!

Fast, tough, and lover of horsemeat, the Hippogriff is every adventurers friend. Get to and from where you need to go with the greatest speed all while avoiding the groundling encounters below.

The most expensive and meanest personal mount commonly available. The Griffon can carry a fully armored warrior to the toughest fights and live to fly again. Highly recommended for those who live a life of danger!

Common Mounts

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