Heroes of High Valor

Eenemies or Friends?
You have to know which one

The Heroes know Sigmund the Nose is the killer. They dispatch him, and find out he was working for the Royalist faction who are attempting to pass a shield raising a Fleet of the Republic. The Heroes also find out Lord Enforcer Oddmar is a Royalist. The heroes decide to help the Royalist, but the Shield fails to pass. They are unsure if the Royalists blame them for the failure and worry about reprisals.

Scenes so Far

Investigation at the scene of the crime at Tran Hose.

Investigation of rival houses.

Confrontation of Finwit and following Sigmund the Nose.

Tyfingur and Thorir lead into an ambush by Sigmund the Nose as he made his escape.

Night at the Mead Hall.

Thorir ambushed and “killed”.

Tyrfingur and Karl Eagle confront Captain Sturla of the Skyship Dragonraker.

Tyrfingur and Karl Eagle ambushed by same folks that assaulted Thorir.

Tyrfingur and Thorgnyr follow Bearclaw’s instruction to find Sigmund the Nose. They find some guards paying off Nor Raiders to raid Kingdom shipping.

Tyrfingur and Thorgnyr travel to Venta and find out their is no fleet massing to attack the Republic.

The Heroes use a letter from the dead Dylla as bait to lure Sigmund the Nose to the Golden Stag. They capture him and learn of the Royalist plot to start a war.

News that Sigmund has been executed for attacking a Hero. Tyfingur wins the game Troll Dice to win Ulaf Battleson’s belongings, just beating Aesa the Fox.

Lord Slayer Olvir asks the Heroes to help Tornheim which has been cut off from the rest of the rpublic by Berg Trolls.

A fierce battle ensues and the Heroes defeat a Berg Troll.

Information so far


Grim the Bold slew all the trolls of at Danger Pass. We should all celebrate when a noble Hero makes travel safer for the Republic.

Nor raiders struck Landheim. They say the God-King is furious as they have not stuck a city of such size in years.

Randver the Blade has challenged Gjuki Sunface to a fight on Dueling Rock.

Nor raiders have seen many Kingdoms warships around Venta.

War is coming, the Kingdoms are about to invade.

Mercenaries have left the Verdunt expanse and they must be coming here.

The Midsummer festival just around the corner and they say Hero Thakkrrad the Long has spent ten shiploads of silver on food, gifts, and entertainment for the city.

A continuous storm has arisen around the Scrag, best that wise sailors avoid the desolate place.

There are a lot of Nor raiders spending good silver in the taverns of Dragonhearth, more than usual.

The Voice of the Living God is gone, it’s a sure sign the Kingdoms intend to attack.

Ulaf Battleson has been murdered, his woman Dylla was found slain his bed as well.

Nor raider: there are lots of Kingdom ships around Venta.


Nidud has been to Venta and seen the God-King’s fleet. They have the fleet hidden by phantasmal sorcery most of the time. It’s a good thing Nidud was able to warn us, lest we be unprepared.

The merchant guild has been pestering the Thing about the decline in shipping from the Kingdoms, what do they expect with war looming.

Lord Marshall Hedin has been blustering about calling for a vote to summon the Hero Legion, but I doubt it will bass unless we can see the whites of the sails form the shore.

The Trade faction is pushing for the construction of a Fleet of the Republic.

Ulaf Battleson has been killed, they say he was fucking the woman of Sigmund the Nose when he died.

There is much talk of raising a fleet, though little of how it would be done, and who would lead it.

The Trade, Swordsman, and Royalist factions have been having a lot of secret talks recently.

Information learned from Ulaf Battleson’s records

Ulaf hired Valhar The Stone, Devotee of Aegir, for a four week assignment.

Ulaf engaged Wayren of Ost, a famous courtesan, to lure The Voice of The Living God to “the place we discussed”.

Ulaf had booked passage on the Skyship Dragonraker.

Ulaf had sent letter to Dylla saying that things are going to far, its too dangerous, and they need to leave soon.

Coded letters between others talked of a “scion.”

Other information gathered

There will be a dice game ten days after Ulaf’s death for all his belongings.

The Problem
No one kills a Hero

Lord Enforcer Oddmar has asked the Heroes to investigate the death of Hero Ulaf Battleson and bring his killer to justice.

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