Heroes of High Valor

Scenes so Far

Investigation at the scene of the crime at Tran Hose.

Investigation of rival houses.

Confrontation of Finwit and following Sigmund the Nose.

Tyfingur and Thorir lead into an ambush by Sigmund the Nose as he made his escape.

Night at the Mead Hall.

Thorir ambushed and “killed”.

Tyrfingur and Karl Eagle confront Captain Sturla of the Skyship Dragonraker.

Tyrfingur and Karl Eagle ambushed by same folks that assaulted Thorir.

Tyrfingur and Thorgnyr follow Bearclaw’s instruction to find Sigmund the Nose. They find some guards paying off Nor Raiders to raid Kingdom shipping.

Tyrfingur and Thorgnyr travel to Venta and find out their is no fleet massing to attack the Republic.

The Heroes use a letter from the dead Dylla as bait to lure Sigmund the Nose to the Golden Stag. They capture him and learn of the Royalist plot to start a war.

News that Sigmund has been executed for attacking a Hero. Tyfingur wins the game Troll Dice to win Ulaf Battleson’s belongings, just beating Aesa the Fox.

Lord Slayer Olvir asks the Heroes to help Tornheim which has been cut off from the rest of the rpublic by Berg Trolls.

A fierce battle ensues and the Heroes defeat a Berg Troll.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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